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Atlantica Delivery Position Agreement Wingco, Inc.

This is an intent to purchase requiring no deposit or firm obligation on your part. We at Wingco request that you sign this only if you personally really intend to purchase. When the Atlantica has been flight proven and we can provide a firm price and an estimated delivery date then a deposit will be required with in twenty days of notification to hold your delivery position. This agreement is on a first come first serve basis for Atlantica "Airframe Kits".

"Airframe Kits" include simple build high impact fiberglass cabin, carbon cowlings, nose cone, wheel wells and small parts; door, windows, seats, control system, retract gear system, custom high performance all plane chute, epoxy adhesives with dispensers, sound proofing and step by step manuals for approx. $50K.

The two separate one-piece carbon wings with fuel tanks, structures and winglets co-molded along with the carbon elevons, rudders and flaps may be purchased with the "fuselage kit" or at a later date for approx. $20K.

Optional parts, sub assemblies and services will be: LOM engine, LOM engine install kit, Pressurization (& air conditioning), flush lighting kits, plumbing harnesses, wiring harnesses, interior packages, fixed and CS props, avionics, radios, batteries, and paint supplies. Factory Classes and referrals to qualified help in your region will also be available.

By submitting this Delivery Position Agreement for an Atlantica kit to Wingco, Inc. you understand that failure to send your deposit will result in forfeiture of your position to next in line. Deposits will be 10% of the total purchase price of 20% if escrow deposit is desired. That is an estimated $7K direct deposit or $14K escrow deposit. This applies to positions through #40. Positions 41 and above may hold their position with a direct deposit of $500, or $1000 escrow deposit. Full deposit will be required when Wingco can promise kits delivery within 6 months.

Please include address, phone and e-mail so that we won’t lose contact. Send any new email address immediately. 

If Your computer does not support E-mailing this document you can print out the form and mail it.

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411 Par Ave.
       Melbourne, Florida USA 32901
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General Information: information@wingco.com
Webmaster:             webmaster@wingco.com
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