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Video - .MPG Best Quality-60sec. (Broadband) Down the Runway 4.7MB
Walk Around 1.25MB Best Quality-30sec. (Broadband) Down the Runway 2.68MB
Video camera placement 3.0MB Good Quality-30sec (modem) Down the Runway 680KB
  Medium Quality-30sec. (modem) Down the Runway 270KB
  Worst Quality-30sec. (modem) Down the Runway 180KB


a-DSC00157.JPG (142420 bytes)

1st Trailer Test


a-DSC00160.JPG (118552 bytes)

1st Trailer Test


a-DSC00163.JPG (114038 bytes)

1st Trailer Test


smallDSC00054.jpg (130258 bytes)

Vertical C.G.



smallDSC00057.jpg (110475 bytes)

Vertical C.G.



vid_wing.JPG (77313 bytes)

Angle Of attack



Image02.jpg (526242 bytes)

Trailer test run no data collected


Image03.jpg (501655 bytes)

All in pieces


Image06.jpg (598679 bytes)

Rocket to the moon (CG test)


Nose up side.jpg (122495 bytes)

Rocket to the moon (CG test)


pottiarmrest.jpg (93171 bytes)


tralortest.JPG (136751 bytes)

smallDSC00060.jpg (101071 bytes)

Trailer test Hard point


vid_back.JPG (86808 bytes)

Aft Force


vid_front.JPG (59922 bytes)

Air speed & force


vid_wingelevon.JPG (73590 bytes)

Elavon deflection & streamer test


tralortest1.JPG (122965 bytes)

Trailer Test


chutes in nose.jpg (85433 bytes)

chutes relocation 


Image01.jpg (507840 bytes)

chutes relocation 



Image03.jpg (476756 bytes)

chutes relocation 



cooling system.jpg (118972 bytes)

Cooling System


Image08.jpg (503687 bytes)

Cowling test

Image05.jpg (447575 bytes)

Cowling Engine Test


taxitest.jpg (451098 bytes)

Taxi Test


flaps.jpg (197378 bytes)


Image10.jpg (507511 bytes)

Taxi Test

Image11.jpg (512287 bytes)

Taxi Test